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Combining secure group messaging, voice and video calls, and file sharing, Wire Pro is built for organizations that need to protect their documents, and secure their communications across teams, and with clients and partners.

  • End-to-end encrypted chats, calls and files
  • Secure guest rooms for external parties
  • Video and audio conference calls with just a click
  • Full administrative controls
  • GDPR-compliant and ISO, CCPA, SOX-ready

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Complete enterprise security

End-to-end encrypted

Wire uses industry-leading end-to-end encryption to secure text chats, calls, and shared documents. Each message is encrypted with a new key.

No access on server

Unlike competitors like Microsoft Teams or Slack, Wire does not hold the keys to decrypt your business communication. This architecture offers the best protection against any malicious actor.

Independently audited

Wire is the most extensively publicly audited collaboration software on the market. Wire's source code is 100% open source for anyone to review.

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Secure external communications

Extend the benefits of end-to-end encrypted messaging, calls, and file transfers to your clients and partners. With a secure guest room, they don’t even need a Wire account, and there’s no sign-up process.

Keep teams productive

There’s no more searching for updates in email, or managing invites to a conference call. With group chats, and the ability to start a conference call or video call with just one click, Wire keeps your teams connected and productive across all of their devices, wherever they are.

Easy to use

Finding the right balance between security, complexity, and ease of use can be difficult. Wire offers the perfect balance; combining end-to-end encryption and robust admin tools, with a clean and simple user experience that teams love.

Ready for business. Fully compliant.

Wire was built to meet the demands of today’s organizations, offering scalability and the administrative tools needed to control the team, and staff access. We are ISO, GDPR, and SOX-ready, independently audited, and ready to be tested against your existing security and governance frameworks.

In fact, using Wire means one less 3rd party service to worry about when it comes to data protection and compliance. Since all your communication is end-to-end encrypted our company does not have access to any of that data, including sensitive personal info of staff members or customers that is shared within your team.

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