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Secure messenger for friends, families and small communities.

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Wire Personal is a secure, privacy-friendly messenger for personal use. It combines useful and fun features, audited security, and a beautiful, distinct user interface. It does not require a phone number to register and chat.

  • End-to-end encrypted chats, calls, and files
  • Crystal clear voice and video calling
  • File and screen sharing
  • Timed messages and chats
  • Synced across your phone, desktop and tablet

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The privacy-friendly choice

Based in Europe

With headquarters in Switzerland and servers in Germany and Ireland, your chats and account are protected by the best data protection laws.

No ads, no profiling

Wire does not sell analytics or usage data to advertising companies or anyone else. Funded by paying customers of Wire Pro.

100% open source

The source code of Wire apps and the server is available on GitHub for anyone to verify, modify and improve. It is also independently reviewed.

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Why is Wire better?

We set a goal to build a truly secure and privacy-friendly messenger that combines a great set of features with a user experience everyone’s grown to expect from modern apps.

When we ask people why they chose Wire over alternatives, they usually give the following reasons:

Fantastic call quality. It’s not owned by Facebook. I don’t want to share my phone number. I love that it works on all my devices. European data protection. It’s beautiful!

It’s always a challenge to get your friends to switch to a new messenger, we know that first-hand. Recovering a part of your privacy from the likes of Facebook and Google is well worth the effort!

For independent comparison of secure and privacy-focused messengers visit securemessagingapps.com.

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See the extra features and benefits that come with Wire Pro.